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Our Partners

We proactively develop strategic, ongoing relationships with those closest to the problem and work with them to figure out how we can help them achieve meaningful impact and long-term, systems-based solutions. Our partners include a broad cross section of private, public, and non-profit organizations. We always select our partners with our values in mind, collaboratively craft our work with them, and adjust our strategies as we learn from them.

Our Tools

We utilize a broad range of tools and approaches, including grantmaking, impact investing, research and convenings, policy and advocacy, and strategic communications.

The philanthropic resources we use include a family foundation (the Builders Initiative Foundation), donor-advised funds, and an impact-driven LLC. Our experienced Program Officers evaluate potential organizations and opportunities based on a rigorous and thorough process. Given this approach, we do not accept unsolicited proposals.

Our Impact

We are committed to impact measurement and management (IMM) as a way to help ensure we live our values. Across the office, we generate and use data about the impact of our work and the work of our partners to inform our strategies and share our learnings with others.